Miniature Ladyslipper

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Cypripedium debile.jpg
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Miniature Ladyslipper


Cypripedium debile

koatsumorisou  |  コアツモリソウ

A truly dwarf slipper orchid that inhabits moist woodlands throughout the northern half of Japan from central Honshu to the Tohoku region (locally abundant), and also on Shikoku. This shy little darling forms two small nearly heart shaped leaves sit atop a short stem that is between 4-8 cm tall. The thin, almost thread-like flowerscape is short (2 cm or less) and hangs slightly downward from between the two leaves.  While I have never seen these plants used in kusamono, due to their small size and delicate features they are a perfect candidate. A word of caution however, these orchids can prove very difficult to maintain long term. While it isn’t difficult to grow for a short period, say a couple seasons, it is so small and easily hurt by just about any mishap:  not enough water or too much, animals stepping on them, bugs eating them (one slug could eat an entire plant in a few minutes), and so on.  I recommend this plant for experienced growers only. 

  • Height: 6 cm (3 in)

  • Zones: 5a - 7b

  • Sold as single dormant plant

  • Shade

  • 50% leaf mould and 50% perlite

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